Saturday 11 March 2017

Foolish Donkey

Once upon a time, there lived a washerman. He had a lean and weak Donkey. The washerman thought of feeding the donkey properly so that he becomes strong and healthy to carry more load on his back.
But from where could the washerman afford to get the grass for the donkey?

One day, when the washerman had gone to another village, he bought a tiger skin. Now everynight, the washerman clothed the donkey with the tiger skin and set him free in the fields. The donkey would graze to his heart's content. Before dawn, the washerman would bring back the donkey back to his house and take the skin off the body. This continued happily for many nights

"A tiger is spotted in the fields at nights". The news spread in the village like wild fire. The donkey become very strong and healthy. One night as usual the washerman clothed the donkey with the tiger skin and set him free to graze in a field. As the donkey was grazing peacefully, he heard another donkey braying at a distance.

The washerman's donkey was tempted to bray loudly. He could hardly wait to chew the grass in his mouth. He pricked up his ears, raised his head towards the sky and began to bray as loudly as he could. The watchman of the field picked up his stick. He called all the watchmen of the nearby fields.

"Look", he said, pointing towards the donkey, " the tiger is braying!". All the watchmen got together and thrashed the "tiger" mercilessly. Poor donkey!!! he lay in the field half dead.

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