Saturday 11 March 2017

The Donkey and the Lion

There lived a Donkey in a forest. One day, it went for a stroll. It saw a hen on a tree. The donkey stood under it and was chatting with the hen. Suddenly they saw a lion searching for food.

The Lion was happy looking at these two animals and thought of a delicious meal. It was about to attack them. The Donkey was frightened at the sight of the lion and thought it cannot escape from the hands of the lion. The hen stayed calm and told that it can frighten the lion with its sound. The hen waited for the lion to come nearer. It started shouting at the top of its voice. The Lion was terrified with the sound and turned away. 

The donkey was amazed looking at the valor of the hen. It gained courage and went to attack the lion. The hen warned the donkey about its attempt. The donkey ignored it and went towards the lion.
The lion turned back and saw the donkey coming its way. It attacked the donkey by jumping over it.
The donkey shouted for help but the hen ignored it. The lion dragged the donkey away.

Moral: Confidence is good, but over confidence is dangerous.


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