Saturday, 11 March 2017

Lord Krishna Stories - Krishna and Sudama

Sudama and Krishna were childhood friends. They first met at the ashram of Guru Sandipani. After few years, the boys completed their studies and went apart. Krishna married Rukmini and ruled Dwaraka. Sudama, in the meantime, married a poor brahman girl. Sudama led a life of poverty as he was not attached to any wordly possessions. His wife was too good who as well did not crave for luxuries. Soon, children were born to Sudama and his wife. As the children grew older, they began to ask their parents for better food and the comforts of life. Sudama's wife could not bear to see them hungry.One day, she said to Sudama hesistantly, " My lord, You could ask Krishna for help, for isn't he rich and powerful?" But Sudama was not comfortable in seeking help from his friend. But his wife insisted for the sake of the children. Sudama agreed to see his friend but told that he would not ask his friend for anything. Sudama's wife borrowed some poha from a neighbour and wrapped it in a clean rag and gave it to Sudama. Later, he left for Dwaraka. Krishna was overjoyed after seeing Sudama. He made him sit down and washed his feet. Rukmini fanned him gently. Sudama was overhelmed by the love that krishna showered on him. He hesitated to give Krishna the poha thinking it was a little gift to someone like him. But Krishna read his mind and snatched it from his hand. "Poha, my favourite dish" said Krishna and ate a handful greedily. Before, he could take a second handful, Rukmini stopped him saying "One mouthful will give him all that he needs, my Lord". Being the goddess of wealth, she was responsible for its distribution. Next morning, Sudama left Dwaraka. His heart was full, though he did not ask for anything from Krishna. As he approached his house, he saw a grand mansion. His wife and children came out of it wearing jewels and fine clothes. Then he understood Rukmini's words. Moral: True friendship is a blessing.

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