Saturday 2 September 2017

This is the traditional Gujarati way of wearing a Saree that beautifully exhibit the attractive and eye catching borders, prints and motifs of Gujarati style Sarees. The popularity of Gujarati style Saree draping in not just restricted to the land of Gujarat, women from Northern India as well prefers to wear Gujarati style Saree for functions and festivities. Unlike other Saree drapes wherein the Saree pallu falls at the back from the left shoulder, in Gujarati style Saree drape the pallu falls on the front from the back, pinned securely to the right shoulder. This style of Saree draping helps in flaunting the elaborate Saree pallu.

easy quick and style sari draping how to weare Air Hostess Style saree drapping ||step by step tutorial 

How To Wear Saree Perfectly Step By Step Telugu Actress


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