Thursday 25 May 2017

Anchor Srimukhi Responds Over Chalapathi Rao Comments On Women | Face To Face |

Senior Actor Chalapathi Rao's Comments On Women During The Audio Launch Of The Film 'rarandoi Veduka Chudham' Has Courted Controversy. Anchor Ravi Was Slammed By Women Organisation Supporting The Comments Of Chalapathi Rao. Anchor Srimukhi Reacting To A Question On This Issue Has Highlighted The Technical Problems That Normally Surface In Such Events. The Anchor Has Revealed Some Of The Technical Issues Pertaining To Her Event At Jrc Convention Centre In Hyderabad. Anchor Ravi Once Again Defended Himself After Anchor Srimukhi Spoke On The Occasion.

Anchor Ravi Responds Over Chalapathi Rao Comments On Women

Anchor Ravi Clarifies on his Controversy over his saying 'super' after Actor Chalapathi Rao vulgar Comments on Women. He said he didn't mean it because he didn't hear properly what Chalapati Rao said. He also stated that audio was not clear on the day of audio function because of which it happened. He said he and his co-anchor Geeta were told to generate humour on the tag line ' Ammayilu manassantiki Hanikaram' while doing which this mishap has happened.


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