Sunday 2 April 2017

My Naughty Little Brother

“SALAR, turn off that music and get yourself down here,” I heard my mother call out.
As I went downstairs, one headphone was still hanging from my left ear, my hair was tangled up as if someone had exploded a bomb there.
My mother was all dressed up and seeing me she said, “You have to take care of your little brother Haider. I and your father are going out for some work. We will be back soon.”
A smug grin appeared on Haider’s face. I said “But mum, Haider is….”
“Shhh!” was all I got as an answer from mum. So I turned to Haider who was still showing his devilish grin to me. A little while after they left, I took Haider upstairs to my room. I gave him my guitar to play and went to my cupboard to take out a shirt to change.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Haider slammed the guitar on my back and I fell into the cupboard. Haider quickly locked the cupboard from outside!
At first, I couldn’t believe that a seven-year-old would do this to me. But then he was a mischievous little boy who was quite capable of painting the Statue of Liberty in multi-colour. I tried to open the door but couldn’t. Then I heard a pop sound and then a glass breaking. I kicked the door with my foot. It opened instantly because the hinges gave way as they were quite old.
The scene in front of me can best be described as chaotic, as if an earthquake had shaken up my room or some tornado had torn it up. Perhaps the tornado was Haider!
My toy plastic gun was broken, my photo frame glass was also broken and all my stationary and books were lying on the floor, with accessories spread all around the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Haider’s devilish laughter was the signal that he was planning something more! I ran towards him and he was gone in seconds. I rushed behind him. He ran around the lounge and in the kitchen like a goat let loose. He threw whatever came in his way and laughed out loud. I didn’t know what to do with him, all I could think was to grab and hold him until mum and dad come.
But this little brat was getting on my nerves, as if he had taken an oath to make me crazy this day. I was still running behind him when I slipped on the kitchen floor. My clothes were as dirty as if they were not washed from a month.
Just then, I heard the door bell, Haider also stopped for a moment. This was my time to show the devilish grin to him! I opened the door and saw mum and dad. I immediately told them everything. At first, they did not believe it but they did once they entered the house and witnessed the scene for themselves. Haider was out of sight.
Soon mum was calling out for Haider. I knew Haider was in for a good spanking!


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