Wednesday 22 March 2017

                                     Tittibha Birds and The Ocean

On the shores of an ocean, lived a pair of Tittibha birds. In due course when the female Tittibha bird was expecting babies, she said to her husband, “My dear, please find me a suitable and quiet place where I can lay my eggs.” “My dear woman! This is the right place!” said her husband. “Oh no!” she replied. “When the tide is high, this place is completely flooded.” “What! Do you think I’m so powerless that the Ocean would dare do such a thing?” her husband shouted.

“My dear,” said the wife with a smile. “There is a great difference between you and the Ocean. You should recognize your weakness. You may pay for being so proud.” But the male Tittibha was adamant and so the poor female had to lay her eggs on the shore.

The Ocean was amused to hear their conversation and carried off the eggs at the first opportunity. “Husband!” cried the female Tittibha. “A terrible thing has happened. Our eggs are gone!” “My dear wife”, replied the male Tittibha, “don’t worry. I’ll get them back.”
Then the male Tittibha called an assembly of birds. They all went together to their King, Garuda (In Hindu mythology, he is referred to as the Lord of the Birds whom Lord Vishnu uses to ride on) and the Tittibha said to him, “Master! We were living peacefully at home, not harming anyone and yet the Ocean has tormented me and my wife and made us terribly unhappy by taking away our eggs.”

Then, Garuda told Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the World, all that had happened. Lord Vishnu, immediately ordered the Ocean to return the eggs to the Tittibha. The frightened Ocean quietly obeyed Lord Vishnu’s order and returned the eggs. Thus, a determined little bird proved to be a match for the mighty Ocean.


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