Saturday 11 March 2017

The Tree and the Grass

There was a big tree in a ground. It had huge branches grown all alover and a large area was covered under it. people used to rest under it to vade the hot rays of the sun. The tree was proud of its height and used to boast about it. 

There was a small grass grown next to the tree. The tree always made fun of the grass about its height. "You are so small...You cant even look at me properly.
You have to raise your head to look at me" said the tree. The grass never replied to the tree.

One day, there was a strong wind. The tree started shaking vigorously. It could not hold on and uprooted itself. The grass just shook a little and came back to the original position. After a little while, the wind calmed down. The grass said " oh friend, I may not be tall as you but I am safe and secure. I can hold on to myself."

The tree realized its mistake and begged for pardon.

Moral : Never condemn others looking at your greatness as nothing exists for ever.

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