Saturday 11 March 2017

The Rabbit and its Friends

There lived a rabbit in a forest. It had several friends and therefore it was proud about it.
One day, a fox attacked the rabbit. The rabbit went to the horse for help. "Oh my friend horse, a fox is behind me, can you please take me from here" requested the rabbit. The horse said " I am already late for work, why don't you ask the goat ". The rabbit went to the goat for help, but the goat moved away telling it was busy.
The rabbit went to the cow and said " oh dear friend, a fox is following me. Please help me?"
Listening to the name of the Fox, the cow moved on telling it was frightened of Fox.

The rabbit was disappointed with all his friends and ran as quickly as possible to save its life from the Fox.

Moral: It is always advisable to have one good friend than to have many who do not help us in need.


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