Saturday 11 March 2017

Who doesn't love a good tale? Kids love short stories, especially with a moral to discuss. Children in nursery school, pre-school, or at the kindergarten level (pre-kg, lkg, and ukg) enjoy listening to stories as part of their day. Of course, the morals should be too obvious. The best stories leave the moral unspoken explicitly. Kids should get it by themselves, rather than being told a moral.
Among the best of gifts you can give a child is a love of reading and, of course, a stock of good books. The best way to do this is to tell them stories from an early age or read aloud to them. There is a vast treasure of stories for children: Aesop's fables, Panchtantra, Jataka tales, Arabian nights, folk tales, and fairy tales. Even the longer of these stories can be told as short versions to nursery, kindergarten, or preschool kids.
Here is an interesting one from the Panchatantra, about a clever rabbit and how it outwitted the powerful, but foolish lion.

The Clever Rabbit and the Foolish Lion

The clever rabbit: Moral stories for kids
Terro Lion was a very proud lion. He was a real terror in the jungle. He often just roared and killed animals, even when he was not very hungry.
The terrified animals of the jungle one day called for a meeting. “We must put and end to this menace,” Forro fox cried. “But how,” wondered the other animals. “Terro is so big and strong, none of can even touch him. I guess we will have to just live with this, more likely die with this!”
But Buns Rabbit was not the kind to give up. He thought of a plan.

The next day Merry Monkey went to the lion and said, “My majestic lord! You are so mighty, you are lord of us all. But you know what? Buns Rabbit says he has seen someone even more powerful than you.”
Upon hearing this Terro Lion roared. He asked Merry to go and send Buns Rabbit to him.

The clever Buns came up to Terro.
“Hey Buns, you puny fellow," roared Terro. "What’s all this nonsense about a more powerful lion than me in the jungle?"
Buns said, “My lord, you are indeed mighty. Forgive me, I am just telling what I saw. I saw a huge lion yesterday.”
Terro roared aloud, “Where is he? I will have him for breakfast today! There is no one more mighty than me. Take me to him.”

The clever Buns took Terro to a lake. He then pointed to the water in the lake and said, “My lord, I saw the huge lion cooling off in this lake.”
Terro peeped into the water. He saw his own face in the water. He roared loudly. He saw his image in the water roaring back at him. He was so angry, that he forgot everything, even that he didn’t know how to swim.
“How dare you roar back at mighty me. I will finish you.” He cried and jumped right into the lake. Terro drowned.

Buns Rabbit happily took the news of Terro’s end to the other animals. There was joy in the jungle.

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