Monday 20 March 2017

Once a school boy named Ahsanullah was going home after completing his class. When he was crossing the road, he saw an old woman lying on the road. She was senseless. There was nobody to help her.

The road on which the woman lay senseless was a busy one. Speedy buses and trucks were plying on the road. And the woman could be run over by any vehicle. So the boy with the help of a passer-by brought the woman on the footpath. Then he called a rickshaw and took the woman to the nearby hospital. There the doctors at once examined the old woman. The doctors assured the boy that the condition of the woman was not serious and after first aid the old woman regained her sense.

Now Ahsanullah inquired of her whereabouts. The woman told him that she had come to this town from a nearby village. She came here to beg. But having heard a very loud sound of truck-horn, she was at a loss. And at one point, she lost her sense.
After hearing this, the boy took the woman to his house. He gave her good foods to eat. His mother also gave the woman some old clothes. On the boy’s request, his mother also gave the woman some money to go back to the village. And the woman prayed much for Ahsanullah and went back to her village happily.

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